Built To Your Specifications: highly customized WordPress sites for local business niches. Includes multiple templates,and revisions.
Professional Intake and Consultation.

  • Template Creation We create two template studies for the homepage and one inner page.
  • Template Revisions We edit the template based on your feedback.
  • Website Development We create the website based on the approved design.
  • Revision 1 Revision based on the feedback:
    – Removal of sections
    – Color scheme
    – Fonts
  • Content Integration We integrate the content based on the approved innerpage template and the five-page template we built.
  • Revision 2 We implement the revision based on the feedback:
    – Image Change, Content Integration
    – Banner Elements (not redesign), Social Media Link
  • Pre-Launch Qa Quality check on the website based on our checklist and your instruction.
  • Website Migration We migrate the site to your hosting (live site).
  • Post-Launch Qa We do the final quality check on the website based on our checklist.




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